River Island Murals – 2013

In june 2013 I was commissioned to design and paint murals to liven up the walls of the newly opening River Island store in Liverpool. I designed 4 murals, each around 2m in height and 3m in width. River Island asked me to come up with designs that represented the idea of the ‘River girl’ in Liverpool. I created tongue in cheek, glamourous characters which reflected the humour of the city, using Liverpool’s iconic buildings as a backdrop to the designs. Each design told a different tale of a day in Liverpool, as you can see from the girl strolling down to the waterfront after a day of shopping, her hair in rollers, ready for a big night ahead. One girl is relaxing in the iconic Strawberry Fields, another is taking her lambanana for a walk down Mathew Street and the last tells a tale of a night out in Liverpool, with the iconic skyline in the backdrop.