Stained Glass

Stained Glass

As a part of the renovation and creation of Merebrook House in 2007, I was commissioned to design a stained glass window for the entrance hall of the main house. The owner, Lorna Tyson wanted to continue the theme of the rest of the house, to mix the traditional with elements of modern design.

The design had to link the nature outdoors to that of the house itself. To achieve this I created a flowing design of tulips, bees and dragonflies. The design was brought to life by glass maker Bryony Benwell, owner of the ‘The Glasshouse’.

Mere Brook House

In 2010, to complement the stained glass window in the main house at Merebrook, I was commissioned to design another stained glass, this time for the newly built cottage adjoining Mere brook House.

I wanted the design to flow throughout the 3 windows and did this once again using tulips, bees and dragonflies in shades of purple, red and orange in different textures of glass.

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